Saturday, 2 February 2013

5 things i love!

  1. I love summer time so much!! I love waking up on a morning with the sun blazing through my window, I love every ones golden tans off sitting in their garden all day, I love it when little kids and even adults get excited when they hear the music of the ice cream van, the fact that you can go outside with no coat on and not have to moan about being cold. Most of all i like the mood summer puts me in it puts a smile on my face and it is a season i look forward to all year round. Yeyy for summer!!
  3. My favourite day out is a trip to the beach. Who doesn't love a day at the beach? The waves crashing against the rock, walking on the sand and feeling the grains of sand slipping between your toes. Also the smell, the beach has a certain smell, it is a cocktail of the sea, fish and chips, candy floss and doughnuts
  5. I have a slight obsession with bath products ranging from bath bombs to bath salts, really just anything nice to do with the bath. I am one of these people who cant have a quick bath i like to spend at least an hour in the bath so i don't like it to be boring, i make bath time exciting by using various bath products. I get excited when i have a new bath product to use, sad i know right!
  7. I like my food a lot, i love going out to places to eat and i love all kinds of foods! I especially love food when I'm feeling down in the dumps but come on who doesn't eat a tub of ice cream or a couple of bars of chocolate when their feeling down! Food is just wonderful!
  9. Shopping, shopping, shopping, I love shopping! Every girl needs some retail therapy, a day where they just go out and spoil themselves rotten without looking at the price tags. When girls just need a break and need cheering up what better than to go shopping, its a perfect solution to every girls problem!
Well that's 5 things that i love, hope some of you can relate too!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Kids love going out in the snow its a time for sledging, making snowmen and snowball fights. Snow is pretty it shines in the sun and looks like a white sheet covering the whole ground.

I prefer snow before christmas to get me in the christmas spirit but in England it could probably snow in summer with our rubbish weather!

I would rather sit in a nice warm cosy house and watch the snow fall from the window whereas many people like to be involved in the madness and go out in it. One thing i do love about snow is the crunch it makes when you stand on fresh snow and your foot sinks in like quick sand!

Temperatures are in the minus so its time to wrap up warm people!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

I love candles!

I love having plenty of candles in my room, turning off the light watching the flames dance and the sweet smell, it makes me feel so relaxed!

Candles are also perfect for a nice relaxing bath!
I LOVE candles!
There are soo many different kinds of candles in all different sizes and smells. My favorite is strawberry skittles candle, yes a skittles candle, its perfect! 
You can never get bored of the sweet smell candles release and the lovely peaceful effect it has on your bedroom. 
Every scent you can think of i am sure there will be a candle with that scent somewhere. For me i like to have different smelling candles for different seasons, my favorite season is summer i love flower scented candles, ahh! 
If you don't have any candles in your room your missing out big time, i suggest you go buy some like NOW!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


I start off every year hoping that i am going to have a good year and 2013 is not different. I am determined to make changes this year, changes for the better! 

The changes i want to make are:

- A healthy lifestyle including going to the gym and eating healthy (still need to start this yet)

- Be more organized instead of being in a big mess all the time not knowing what i need to do and when

- Get myself another job so that i actually have money when needed instead of feeling like i am poor all of the time :(

- Save up money for holidays as i am really bad at saving up

- Start my driving lessons as i cant stand public transport! 

There are many other changes and improvements i would like to make but my small brain has just gone blank at the minute! 

Lets hope 2013 is a good year for everyone!

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Sometimes you feel as though your outfit is plain and needs something to improve it or make it less casual, accessories are the item you need!

Accessories can turn the most boring outfit into a fun and interesting outfit, you can wear the most plain tops and transform it in seconds with a necklace. You can get a variety of accessories from big bold statement jewelry to simple yet effective jewelry. Everyone has to have accessories lifes boring without them and so are outfits.
Whenever i go in a shop that sells lots of accessories i literally feel like i'm in jewelry heaven, you can never have too many accessories, FACT!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Lush products

You know when you've had one of them days and you just want to relax, so you decide to take a nice hot bath, but you wish you could make your baths a bit more exciting? Lush bath bombs can transform your bath in seconds into a more exciting and relaxing bath.

Lush bath bombs are filled with various surprises such as confetti, popping candy, sparkles and many more exciting surprises. Baths can be really dull and boring, lush makes sure you will never have a boring bath time ever again, each bath bomb will change every boring bath water into a different colour and sometimes multiple colours, its like having a rainbow in your bath with extra added sparkles. 

Everyone loves a product that has an amazing never ending smell, lush makes sure that all of their products have an amazing smell that you wont be able to stop smelling!

You will look forward to having relaxing colourful baths that smell heavenly and then getting out feeling happy and relax.
Everyone needs some sort of lush bath products in their life to make it more enjoyable and another added bonus about lush is the prices are very reasonable also.