Saturday, 2 February 2013

5 things i love!

  1. I love summer time so much!! I love waking up on a morning with the sun blazing through my window, I love every ones golden tans off sitting in their garden all day, I love it when little kids and even adults get excited when they hear the music of the ice cream van, the fact that you can go outside with no coat on and not have to moan about being cold. Most of all i like the mood summer puts me in it puts a smile on my face and it is a season i look forward to all year round. Yeyy for summer!!
  3. My favourite day out is a trip to the beach. Who doesn't love a day at the beach? The waves crashing against the rock, walking on the sand and feeling the grains of sand slipping between your toes. Also the smell, the beach has a certain smell, it is a cocktail of the sea, fish and chips, candy floss and doughnuts
  5. I have a slight obsession with bath products ranging from bath bombs to bath salts, really just anything nice to do with the bath. I am one of these people who cant have a quick bath i like to spend at least an hour in the bath so i don't like it to be boring, i make bath time exciting by using various bath products. I get excited when i have a new bath product to use, sad i know right!
  7. I like my food a lot, i love going out to places to eat and i love all kinds of foods! I especially love food when I'm feeling down in the dumps but come on who doesn't eat a tub of ice cream or a couple of bars of chocolate when their feeling down! Food is just wonderful!
  9. Shopping, shopping, shopping, I love shopping! Every girl needs some retail therapy, a day where they just go out and spoil themselves rotten without looking at the price tags. When girls just need a break and need cheering up what better than to go shopping, its a perfect solution to every girls problem!
Well that's 5 things that i love, hope some of you can relate too!

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