Saturday, 12 January 2013

I love candles!

I love having plenty of candles in my room, turning off the light watching the flames dance and the sweet smell, it makes me feel so relaxed!

Candles are also perfect for a nice relaxing bath!
I LOVE candles!
There are soo many different kinds of candles in all different sizes and smells. My favorite is strawberry skittles candle, yes a skittles candle, its perfect! 
You can never get bored of the sweet smell candles release and the lovely peaceful effect it has on your bedroom. 
Every scent you can think of i am sure there will be a candle with that scent somewhere. For me i like to have different smelling candles for different seasons, my favorite season is summer i love flower scented candles, ahh! 
If you don't have any candles in your room your missing out big time, i suggest you go buy some like NOW!

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